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The complying with signs may show an overdose of this medicine: irregular pulsation, fainting, queasiness and lightheadedness.

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Report to your wellness treatment provider any sort of medical troubles you have as they may affect the efficiency of your treatment.

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This medication is meant for guy clients only and need to be taken each time prior to sexual relations.

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Avoid taking much more than recommended, as an overdose is feasible.

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Female Viagra (sildenafil) is a highly efficient substance abuse for the treatment of women sex-related arousal condition defined by absence of sex drive and sexual libido.

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Any one of those conditions - whether you have them or have a past of them - will need your health and wellness care supplier to oversee your problem for side results.

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It's not a great suggestion to incorporate Viagra with grapefruit juice or various other items that might contain it, and also drink alcohol and eat greasy dishes, all which can reduce its absorption and cause negative side effects.

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